How would you like to learn to reconnect with your innate creativity? In either a 1:1 or a small group session, I can lead you to reconnect to your creative essence through a powerful process that I have trained in, it’s called Intuitive Art Expression.

Many people struggle to know that they are creative, that they were born as a creative being. Creativity is generally not a subject that is recognised as being an important ‘subject’ and is not a nurtured aspect of our society, even if you took art in school it will generally have been within a standardised and formulaic system.

As a child you may have picked up a crayon and drawn without concern, cut and stuck paper and fabric, played and made creations with boxes, sand, leaves and practically anything, fueled by your imagination and a desire, and totally from a place of freedom and joy.

Intuitive painting is at its most basic, painting without an end in mind, enjoying the journey of painting.
It is a tool to help you reconnect to your intuition, to drop from your head into your heart. It shows you your fears, your blocks, your joys, it shows you your soul and what it wants to communicate to you.

Intuitive art expression is a journey through the layering of paint, each layer acting as a new canvas, which allows your mind to let go, dropping the facade and revealing what needs to be revealed. There is also a magical ingredient added into the process – dōTERRA  essential oils. These high vibrational essential oils aid the clearing of emotional blocks and additionally support and assist the translation of what is revealed in the painting. It’s a magical formula, an alchemy, the paint, the dōTERRA  essential oils and you. It moves from an intellectual understanding, allowing you to tap into your soul or higher self, and hear your intuitive voice. In this true soul or higher self connection,  a form of energy healing takes place, on a whole other level, far beyond intuitive painting. I trained as an Intuitive Art Expression facilitator after experiencing the process for myself and have shared this powerful life changing process with people who are amazed at the results – even after one session.

In a session, which can seem like just a fun moment, people can have ‘light bulb’ moments, about where they are in their lives, awakening something within them, or helping them overcome their fear of painting or creating. It’s a safe place for you to look into the window of your soul, recognise and work with your intuitive voice and learn what it is showing you.​

Why do we use specifically Doterra essential oils with Intuitive Art Expression?

Many people will buy their essential oils from the high street, a pharmacy or well-being shop. These essential oils work well on the physical plane, lavender for example being good for burns. They work well for physical ailments or for diffusing in the home. The difference with dōTERRA  Essential Oils is their ability to work deeply on the emotional and spiritual planes due to their high energy vibration. When we are doing such work, only high vibrational oils will have the ability to connect to your emotions, and to your energy field. Intuartiv Expression is a form of energy healing, in the session we work on releasing emotions, tapping into the subconscious and to your higher self and your energy field, and so the appropriate tools are required for the alchemy to happen. You could use everyday essential oils and it would be a fragrant experience definitely, but the results would not be the same. A good analogy is that a formula 1 driver wouldn’t use basic tyres to race and a Gourmet chef would only use the finest organic ingredients.

THIS is what makes the difference between Intuitive Art Expression and classical intuitive painting or Art therapy.

What happens in a typical session?

I talk you through each part of the process of painting/mark making, dripping from your head to your heart, building in layers, intuitively choosing your paint colours and the dōTERRA  Essential Oils. I encourage you to talk and express through the process, or takes notes and photographs at each layer to reflect on later, as the magic unfolds and your painting reveals its mysteries to you. Interpreting your own painting through the layers, looking at the images, emotions and response to the dōTERRA  Essential Oils and seeing what you see and feeling into what is being revealed and connecting the dots. As you work with the dōTERRA  Essential Oils, using the Essential Emotions guide I will share with you the key mind-body connection emotions associated with the essential oils that you intuitively pick, this piece of the process never ceases to amaze me, it is accurate and energetically healing.
Additionally we can incorporate affirmations into your piece as you work – this piece you produce continues to be a living organic totem to your experience in the session.

So what are the benefits?

  • Reawaken your creativity
  • A form of meditation

  • Cathartic

  • The releasing of old and heavy emotions

  • Connection to your inner child

  • Develops your intuition

  • Helps the process of letting go that which no longer serves you

  • Relaxing

  • Relieves stress

  • Allows a change of perspective and teaches you to look at a situation differently

  • It offers answers to questions about where you are in your life

  • Identifies and releases blocks and fears

  • Brings about a clarity and lightness

And the beauty of it, is that you don’t need ANY creative, or artistic experience, in fact 99% of people coming for a session haven’t painted since school. All you need is the desire to try it.

Where do these Intuitive Art Expression sessions take place?

They are held in the art studio here at Le Grand Moulin

How long does a session last?

An individual session last for a minimum of 120 minutes. This gives us time to take a valuable journey together, for you to find that which you are looking for. A group session is longer, generally 180 minutes.

How much does a 1:1 session/group workshop cost?

Your investment is €111.00

Do I need to bring anything to a session?

Your willingness to allow. All materials including the dōTERRA  Essential Oils and your refreshments are included.

How can I book a group session and how many people can come?

Because of the nature of the process, no more than 3 people are accepted in a group. If you would like a larger group of say 6 people, then this can be arranged by me, with an additional certified facilitator attending the session.

Is a group session very different to a 1:1 session?

The simple answer is yes. If you book for a group session the experience will be different, but no less powerful. Sometimes working alongside two other people who are similarly there to experience the process can be quite profound. A bond is formed because you are all revealing aspects of your innate being, additionally you are transmuting blocks, liberating yourself from limiting beliefs and this is respectfully witnessed by me and the others present in the group – as you also are witnessing theirs. Every group that I work with have a divine connection, are brought together in a group through synchronicity. When blocked emotions are released they show up in all sorts of ways, laughter and joy are often in the mix.