An intuitive reading is a wonderful way to receive information,  guidance and clarity around something in you life that you may be finding challenging or are struggling with such as career, relationships, finances etc. or it could be that you are not able to decipher information coming in like, repetitive dreams, signs and symbols. You may feel you are ‘stuck’ somehow and not fully aware of what to do next in your life. By tuning in to your energetic field and connecting to higher source energy I am able to bring forward answers to your question/s, and bring forward the guidance and messages from your guides/source/spirit.

As with all 1:1 sessions no two are the same, we are all individual and wonderfully unique, as such I tailor the time with you for your highest and best outcomes.

There is a loose framework to an intuitive session, however I will be guided in each session to work with you in a specific way, which may mean I use oracle cards, crystals, or another magical tool, like my dowsing pendulum, drum, singing bowl or Shaman rattle. Sometimes your guides will connect and bring forward specific information to assist you even before you arrive.  Ahead of an intuitive reading, I will ask you to consider what you want to bring forward to be answered – what is the biggest thing you are asking for help with,  and what you are looking to gain from a session. Asking the right questions is so relevant, because, when we ask the right question, we will always receive the right answer – even if it’s not what we might want to hear. Your higher self and your loving benevolent guides are always waiting for you to ask for help, they want to lovingly assist you in your life, connecting in this way can be very reassuring and empowering.

How long does an intuitive reading session last?

45 minutes

How much does an intuitive reading session cost?

Your investment €55

Where does the session take place?

All sessions are online via Zoom

What do I have to do in the session?

Bring with you the biggest thing you want help with, the question that you most want answered, and be open to receiving. Rest assured that you will receive exactly what you most need in a session.